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Scarlet Moon

On this day
We took a journey to a sacred place
A winter day
There was a solstice eclipse to celebrate

You asked of me, “What shall we do?”
An invitation I'd proffer to you
When you answered me, you didn’t hesitate
It was the first time seen since 1638

Staring at space
The starry splendor was immaculate
So much to say
Our conversation surrounded by the Milky Way

You spoke to me and you shared your truth
Then I responded in kind to you
We spent the night without a single kiss
Yet there was never a more romantic night than this

As we drove through darkness toward the eastern shore
With no sign of the sun on the horizon
You spoke to me of synesthesia
And as we arrived at our destination
We felt our hearts and souls swoon
Above the black ocean and beneath the stars
We found love in a scarlet moon

Since that day
We would never separate
Along the way
Two more souls have come to play

One fine evening, perhaps in a dream
I will whisper in your ear
So watch for me and I will meet you there
In sweetest dreams of the moonlit night we shared

Music & Lyrics: Frank J. Freda/Copyright Frank J. Freda (BMI) 2022.

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