01. Retrospect (Interface Remix)
02. Mask (Simulator Remix)
03. Foolish Slave (Vaylon Remix)
04. iGod (Pretorium Remix)
05. Deception (A Modern Effigy Remix)
06. Always Around You (The Dossier Remix)
07. Worthy (A Modern Effigy Remix)
08. Retrospect (Lux Remix)
09. Deception (Erotic Elk Remix)
10. Bowman's Odyssey (Lux Remix)
11. Retrospect (Veeohla Remix)
12. Deception (Synthetik FM Remix)
13. Retrospect (Sparse Bundle Remix)

Please see below for more information on each of the amazing remixers.

Interface (USA) remixing “Retrospect”
I don’t quite remember when I first met Eric Eldredge or heard Interface, but he has been producing electronic music for 20 years and the idea of an Interface remix was too good to resist.

Interface combines the sonic edge of industrial, the club energy of trance, and a melodic sensibility for a unique experience. Each of the band’s multiple studio albums has been met with critical acclaim and widespread play across clubs and various types of radio stations.  Interface’s new album “The Perfect World” was released by Nilaihah Records on September 24th.

Simulator (USA) remixing “Mask”
I first met Ross Beall while I was working with Brand New Idol.  He was a fan of BNI and we all admired his project Simulator.  Ross creates instrumental tracks that span the gap between dark synthpop and melodic EBM.  In addition to his original music, Ross has also been in high demand as a remixer.

I was honored when Ross invited me to participate in the release of his album “Enter the Unknown”.  I wrote lyrics for two Simulator songs and Ross created music for a poem I had written to complete a trilogy of songs that we were both very pleased with.  Ever since then I had hopes of another collaboration with Simulator and I was very excited when Ross agreed to contribute a remix for this special release.

Vaylon (Denmark) remixing “Foolish Slave”
In 2009, Dan Holte Beck and Ole Ulrich Jensen were working together under the name Concrete Garden and we were discussing collaborating together as we had a mutual appreciation for each other’s music. Dan and Ole’s collaboration later evolved into Vaylon and we kept in touch and continued to follow each other’s projects.  Now in 2013 we have completed remixes for each other.  halovox produced a remix for Vaylon’s single “Still So Wrong” and Vaylon has returned the favor with their remix of “Foolish Slave”. Vaylon recently released their debut album "Primus" and remix singles for "Still So Wrong","The Maze" and "A Part of Me".

David Lilja/Pretorium (Sweden) remixing “iGod”
When I was with Brand New Idol, David produced an epic 9 minute extended remix of “Silent Whispers” appropriately titled “David L’s Massive Treatment”.  We didn’t have an opportunity to release it before I left BNI, but I really wanted to share David’s interpretation.  David was kind enough to allow me to edit his remix and record new vocals and this version became the “Forever Mix” that closes out the debut halovox album.

A Modern Effigy (USA) remixing “Deception” and "Worthy"
Jeff and I became acquainted right around the beginning of halovox. His remix of "Deception" was the very first remix of a halovox song, but it was never officially released. I am very pleased and proud to include it on "Retrospect". Jeff was also kind enough to complete a wonderful new remix of "Worthy". I look forward to hearing some new music from A Modern Effigy soon.

The Dossier (USA) remixing “Always Around You”
I briefly met Peter Riley over 10 years ago while I was in Brand New Idol with brothers Tim and Kris Heireth.  Peter had been lead vocalist and co-songwriter in their previous bands, Heads Up Display and Joy Machine.  After Joy Machine, Peter created the brit pop band Saintface, crafting some very addictive songs that featured his trademark smooth vocals and clever lyrics.

Peter then returned to his electronic roots, joining the extremely talented Mr. Michael Parkin to create The Dossier.  With an incredible set of songs including the anthemic “Sunrise” and other live show favorites “Give Me Your Name” and “Another Night, Another Day” you can expect infectious electronic pop that will move you and have you moving.  The Dossier have released a single and video for their song “Give Me Your Name” and will soon release their highly anticipated debut album “Strange Arrangements”.

Kevin Lux (USA) remixing "Retrospect" and “Bowman's Odyssey”
I love the heavily Kraftwerk-inspired track "Rise" from Kevin Lux's latest album "Azimuth". Kevin has been consistently creating his own original blend of electronic music for over 25 years. During his extremely prolific career he has released over 20 albums and each album has a different theme by design.

Kevin has released two excellent albums in 2013, "Zenith" and its sequel "Azimuth".

Erotic Elk (Sweden) remixing “Deception”
I was introduced to Erotic Elk by our mutual friends at Vaylon.  I listened to their album “Solitary” and immediately became a fan.  They produce great synthpop and I highly recommend them.  They recently released their newest single called “What You Give Is What You Get”, which will also contain remixes of the song.

Vee Oh La (USA) remixing “Retrospect”
For the last three years Viola has joined me on stage and played synths in halovox shows, starting with the original Redrum Ball.  He is a talented musician and I have been very fortunate to share the stage with him.  I am very happy that Viola was willing to share his talents yet again to create a remix for this special release.

Synthetik FM (USA) remixing “Deception”
I met Bobby Clark through mp3.com while I was with Brand New Idol. We were mutual fans of each other's work. Bobby collaborated with Nukleon on a great song called "Technology", The Garland Cult on "Ether" and is currently working with X-Sonic. He is currently working on new material for an album I am very much looking forward to hearing.

Adrian Halo (USA) remixing “Retrospect” (Sparse Bundle Remix)
I first met Adrian in 2010 and he played synths for me at a Depeche Mode fan club party at the Sullivan Room. He did a great remix of “Warm Leatherette” that we performed as a duet to close out the show.