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The Wimington Goth Fest

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

01. BurnPit
02. Night Rivals
03. halovox
04. Solar Fake

1610 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

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The second annual Wilmington Goth Fest features 20+ performers and 3 DJs. Currently confirmed performers are:

Wednesday 4/5: Solar Fake (Germany), Halovox (New York), Night Rivals (North Carolina), BurnPit (North Carolina)

Thursday 4/6: Faux Fear (Pennsylvania), Undead Crow (North Carolina), Karaoke Karla (Virginia)

Friday 4/7: Ego Likeness (Maryland), Lorelei Dreaming (Illinois), Solemn Shapes (North Carolina), Silver Walks (Pennsylvania), I.X.IX (Wisconsin), Andrew's Fake Conciousness (South Carolina)

Saturday 4/8: Das Ich (Germany), Reaper (Germany), Roseclouds (North Carolina), Widow Rings (Virginia), Last Grasp (Florida), Chrysanthemum Ballroom (North Carolina), Gothic Lizard (Virginia)

Your DJs: Dave Industrie (North Carolina), DJ GhostCell (Virginia), DJ Straftanz (North Carolina)