May 2022

May 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of "Enter The Unknown" by simulator (Ross W. Beall).

I had been a fan of simulator and I was very excited and honored when Ross invited me to collaborate with him. I was drawn to the tracks "Division" and "Revelation" and wrote lyrics for the versions that would come to be titled "Divided" and "Revelation (Epiphany Mix)"

We also collaborated on a completely new song called "The Ghost Of You". I shared lyrics I had written and Ross composed music that perfectly complemented the words.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album, Ross has graciously allowed me to share the songs on the halovox YouTube channel.

Please check out his latest project INTER5T4T3

March 2022

halovox is proud to appear on Volume 3 of the Slava Ukraini compilation sampler and 3CD: Slava Ukraini (Digipack) - Part 1. All proceeds go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Available now!
Purchase the download version on bandcamp
Purchase the 3CD : Slava Ukraini (Digipack) here

January 2022

The halovox version of "Together" is featured on the Periodic Table of Synthpop's compilation of Camouflage covers.

November 2021

Second Complex is a Danish synthpop project founded by Dan Beck of Vaylon and his debut album "Therapy" is being released on Friday, November 19th. I have the honor of sharing lead vocals on "Spirit" with Ole Ulrich Jensen of Vaylon.

December 2020

The site has a new Recommended Friends page! Here you'll find people I admire, bands I have collaborated with or shared the stage with over the years, artists, DJs and streaming shows that halovox fans will enjoy. Please check them out!

October 2020

halovox is honored to be a part of Flying Dark's debut single release of "No Turning Back". Thank you to Joe and Mike for their fantastic music and for including the halovox remix!